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Halt, Lest Ye Be Judged: The information here may not be entirely correct, and some parts may be contradictory to what existing lore is presented. Feel free to correct any mistakes and record them.

Erii is the homebrew world that the universe of "The Merry Mercenaries'" Dungeons and Dragons game is set.



Cendar is the northern-most continent occupied by a swathe of different nations who have rebuilt themselves after 10,000+ years of occupation and enslavement. They are dispersed into nations: Empire of the Night, the Mon Empire,Rykit, the Holy Nadarian Kingdom, Laurrell, Riftwell, Trisk, and Rykit. There are two other portions with no or "broken" political standing, Shyrak and the Broken Orc Tribe Lands.

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Faular - "The Wild Continent"[]

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Trestin - "Eternal Isles"[]