Sasha Au Grinn "The Underfather of Dusk Rose"[edit | edit source]

[First Appearance: Prestream Session 1]

[Last Appearance: Prestream Session 10]

Race: Mountain Dwarf

Class: Trickery Domain Cleric

Deity: Cyric "The God of Lies"

Appearance: Beardless blonde dwarf with blue eyes.

Last Location: Dusk Rose

Sasha Au Grinn was one of the first employers of the original three members: Bast Mooney, Xenos Aldron, and Snowball. Sasha was convincing, making the group believe that he wanted to overthrow his father, the former Underfather after the "death" of his brother Vlad Au Grinn. He disapproved of unnecessary killing, drug use, and slavery which made the group slowly learn to trust him. They slowly dismantled the other clans and prevented a full scale clan war in the city-state of Dusk Rose with Sasha's guidance which culminated in the assassination of two of the other dwarven clans: Toad Clan and the Norrin Clan, as well as the recruitment of the fourth Valrun Clan. Shortly after their successful coup, Sasha au Grinn, banished the group from Dusk Rose to the far side of the continent in the Hurum Desert where they were supposed to have been killed beneath the sands with all the money he promised them since he saw them as a threat to his rule.

The most recent update the group has had about Sasha Au Grinn was from The Countesses' House (thieves guild), that he was preventing any underground operations other than his own in the city. The Countesses' House worked out a deal with The Nameless that they will help overthrow him in return for use of their Transportation Network.

Known Associates:

Jed the Gnomish Consigliere 

Jean the Warforged

Jed "Consigliere of the Grinn Clan"[edit | edit source]

Jean "The Warforged"[edit | edit source]

Bastion "The Blue Demon"[edit | edit source]

Reed "The Tabaxi Slaver"[edit | edit source]

Sol "Father of Snowball" "Tabaxi Prophet of Yeenoghu"[edit | edit source]

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